dukane_logo dukane_seacom_locator_beaconsDukane Seacom is the world’s leading supplier of FAA qualified high-impact underwater acoustic beacons to the commercial airline industry. The Dukane Seacom underwater acoustic beacons are used on the majority of the global aircraft fleet, NASA, worldwide military, helicopter operators, offshore oil industries, maritime/shipping, oceanographers and marine biologists. Additional products include custom acoustic locating systems, beacon test equipment, and underwater receiving systems.

With over 30 years of acoustic beacon design and manufacturing experience for the commercial and military markets, the Dukane Seacom beacons are designed to provide outstanding performance and reliability the aviation and maritime industries require.

DK Series Underwater Acoustic Beacons carry the tradition of the N15F210B, but with the addition of an extended useful life. These beacons are designed and certified to FAA TSO-C121b & TSO-C142a and ESO ETSO-C121b & ETSO-C142a and can operate to a depth of 20,000 feet. BSH approved for marine applications. Learn more»

As of December 3, 2015 Dukane Seacom also manufactures/supplies the full line of ELP-362D90 ULB (formally owned by RJE and Teledyne Benthos).

With the DK120/90-and the ELP-362D90 products Dukane Seacom can provide aerospace/military recorder manufacturers and marine voyage recorder manufacturers a single supplier solution for new installations and aftermarket service/support.

The DK120/90 & ELP-362D90, certified to the new 90-day operating life requirement, are now available. This beacon provides a minimum of 90 day underwater operating life and is certified to TSO-C121b & TSO-C142a and ESO ETSO-C121b & ETSO-C142a . For aftermarket support please contact our distribution partner for details. Learn more»

Test Sets are also available to verify operation and perform in-field maintenance for both products. Contact us with any questions regarding test sets and applications.

Locator_beacon Dukane Seacom also offers complete overhaul and repair service for the acoustic beacon products. Please contact us for specific repair/overhaul questions. To determine when your battery is due for replacement, locate the expiration date (the RBB date) on the label. Replacement batteries and battery change tooling can be ordered from our distribution partner. Learn more»

Dukane Seacom also offers 90-Day Marine beacons as well, the DKM502/90 & ELP-362M90. Qualified to the same environments as its predecessor, it offers 90 days of underwater operating life.

Dukane Seacom will soon complete development activities on our newest line of acoustic beacons, the DK180. The DK180 will be certified to TSO-C200 for Airframe Low Frequency Beacons. Contact us for more details.